Best and Worst

This past Wednesday was the best and worst day ever. After being scolded for at least a half an hour, and blamed for other people’s mistakes I began to run. With my cross country team of course, who had also all just been yelled at. The moist air enveloped my cheeks and created an energy spike and anger releaser all at once. A small drop of water hit my shoulder and sure enough, as I looked up at the sky I saw nothing but monstrous and dark clouds. As the sky cried and flooded the streets, we ran. We continued to run through a grassy golf course that was so soaked we were practically running in a pool. Despite all of this, we ran. Our vision’s were blurred, our faces and clothes wet but, yet our moral and mood was higher than the clouds. What was it that motivated us to get through it? How did we lift our spirits? WE RAN. We did what we were supposed to be doing, and what we love to do. The reason we practice every day, the reason we compete, and the reason we enjoy. A hobby can be fun but,  a passion can be incredible.