Life is selfies and a box of chocolates

As I am writing this, spoonful of ice cream in my mouth and all, and various sticky keys grazing my fingertips, I think about my society and I. While I, almost immediately reach for another bite of dairy free chocolate ice cream. Girls nowadays are only in it for the fame. Many don’t care about being intelligent because it is more important to be “tumblr”. What does that even mean? How can someone be tumblr? Who knows, who cares is a general response of mine but, today I am speaking out because a terrible epidemic has spread and WILL NOT stop. Seven little letters, seven little sinful letters, we all do it but, it’s gone a bit out of control. Two evenings ago, I passed by my living room and took a short homework break to watch the news with my dad. I see the word “selfie” flash across the screen, and I was hooked into watching the segment. What followed this was extremely disturbing. The segment discussed that when searching for the hashtag funeral (#funeral) there were young kids, teens, and even adults TAKING SELFIES AT FUNERALS. The reasons for them ranged from showing their outfits to, one young boy pouting and having his grandmother’s casket in the peripheral view of his photo! It was outrageous. I just don’t understand their logic.

Besides that, it’s not about understanding them it’s about unravelling society, and realizing that I too, fall under the category of utter outrageousness at times. Of course I don’t do what those people were doing, I and all others around me do things that are not always the smartest/ most appropriate action to do in certain times and places. So here it is folks, a formal apology. I am so sorry for anything I have done that is offensive to others, I know I am young and I will continue to make mistakes but, I hope they never make me feel as embarrassed as those selfie takers did. 

Melted chocolate ice cream, and a mere ten minutes later I realize that life is selfies and a box, or for this purpose a carton of chocolate. At least in this day in age.