Midterms: A tale of endings, beginnings (and everything else in between)

Finals week is upon us, or shall I say me. One semester is (practically) down yet, seven midterms lie ahead! The worst part about midterms is the actual act of studying. The fact that my freedom is compromised, and my bedroom transforms into a torture/ study chamber. The tears of knowledge scratch at my door like a needy cat aching of loneliness. The ups of midterm week are knowing that I am one step closer to sipping fruity drinks from a coconut, on a warm toasty beach, actually scratch that. I’ll be braving the cold this upcoming break: stay tuned for details: Miami girl takes New York! This is all, seven test away. So many cute outfits, only to be worn seven exams from now. The joy of completing one half of the year lingers to thoughts of next semester and all that is to come. So, tests, quizzes, labs, essays, homework, and much, much more are the only “light”, if you can call it that, at the end of my tunnel.