There’s a Button for Everything!

While I watch the Superbowl with blind eyes, and as I type this very article, something comes to me.”With the touch of a button!” This phrase truly defines our generation and society. We refuse to correct our own spelling errors rather, we seek the assistance of the handy, dandy spellcheck. We refuse to count our own money/conjure up items while shopping/pay bills, etc. rather, we head to our super, duper calculators. We are forbidden from using our own godly hands, to write. Are we sinning, or conforming? Are we updating or downgrading? This all comes down to the boiling point of evolution. Are we simply just going with the times, and embracing our extreme laziness? Or, are we in fact just lazy as a whole?

These questions, may or may not have answers. One thing that a young mind like me understands is that there is a need for compromise, stability, and balance. We need to ensure our independence, and use our brains as gifts rather than meaningless organs. We spend hours learning, whether in the classroom, on the streets, or at our jobs. We are constantly being guided, and pulled in various directions. With these tools, and lessons, we must carry ourselves with our heads held high, and do something that shows we are not worthless. That we do not need menial tasks to be done using technology.

No, don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not promoting going back to The Dark Ages. Trust me, an Apple, Inc. enthusiast like me, is not quite ready for that yet. All I am suggesting is to fight back and do something! Doing anything from putting down the calculator and adding one and five, or writing handwritten notes to a loved one, even taking a walk.

Ask yourself: Am I going with the times, or am I merely using buttons to my (lazy butt’s) advantage?