A Reflection About Sundays, Written on a Sunday

I fell asleep on the beach today. I can honestly say that it was the best slumber I’ve ever taken, minus the fact my skin color resembles that of a fresh tomato. The waves crashed in one ear and out the other, my phone rang to no avail but, I did not pick it up. Homework waited until the end of the day, and I was in control of my weekend, once and for all. Shout out to all you mini me, overworking fools. While I commend you, and extend the greatest admiration towards you, I have a suggestion for you: Take a break, and relax. Do something to let your woes drift away as the waves do, and race up and down the shore. Embark on a journey, start something new, and live. Live for now, and have fun while you’re at it. Well, anyhow, I fell asleep on the beach today, and I have the tan lines to prove it.