To Be Sassy Yet Classy

  Most times, we have so much to say yet we keep our mouths shut. We do this to, maintain our image, censor ourselves, and cool down our rage. Sometimes, though, we must voice our opinions. Whether or not, one can remain calm, cool, and collected while doing this is a challenge that in it of itself. On a personal note, I have points where I am so frustrated to the point where I want to scream it for the whole universe to hear. Rather, I try and channel my anger peacefully. Other times, I channel it through speech. Whether others consider me rude, or obnoxious, I believe that being sassy is a gift and exhibits confidence, as well as strength. That being said, BE SASSY IN MODERATION. Some examples: When there are times that you want to snap at a teacher, DON’T! I repeat do not, you will regret getting on their bad side. Instead, vent to a friend.

     Speaking of friends, when you get annoyed at them, it’s okay to snap sometimes because if they are true friends they’ll realize that you don’t mean it, and you love them no matter what. If you really do mean it, just tell a little white lie and say you’re having a bad day. In truth, being sassy makes you feel like kind of a master of cleverness, and reaches a new level of being a bad ass. Or, at least a teenage girl’s version of it. So, in a nutshell, we usually keep our thoughts to ourselves but, you won’t become pegged as the trashiest, and most rude friend of them all. Well, hopefully you won’t be.

Cheers to jeers!