Today, I was in the midst of a casual conversation, about various professions. I was struck by something that the person I was talking to said, and I was deeply affected, as well as inspired by it. The words that he uttered were shocking yet, insightful. He said “I mean I don’t think that journalists/ writers are remembered.” I was floored when I heard this because, I don’t understand how someone has such little appreciation for another hard working individual. It angers me that just because someone isn’t a doctor, or a lawyer, they are considered as lesser people. I think that every profession has meaning, and is useful. In this specific instance, the statement was completely uncalled for. Reason being, it was an entirely false statement. Writers deliver news, thoughts, and ideas that make them profound, and influence others to follow their lead. How can a journalist not be remembered? Everyone always recognizes that random local news reporter, or the morning show host, and even various bloggers. The point I’m trying to address is that I think it is unfair that this person discredited writers. Not only does this instance say something about the cluelessness of our society but, it also proves that people don’t care about anything other than what they want to care about. Therefore, they speak stupidly, and carelessly to accentuate how removed they are. I believe that writers are everything. One of the main reasons that I enjoy writing is because, it allows me to set every single thought running through my mind free, and expose my ideas to the world. I feel that even if someone hates what I say, at least they have an opinion. Opinions validate the fact that something useful was said, and being deemed useful is always appreciated. So, all I have to say to the person I was speaking to today is that he inspired an article, and that even if one person remembers and appreciates something that I say, I will be remembered. I say this as I appreciate, and admire all writers from the past, present, and future because you are and will be remembered; you are profound, invincible, wonderful, and YOU matter.

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