Decisions, Decisions

Pinterest or World History?

As I long for my highly anticipated spring break, I am still in the home stretch just waiting- oh, so patiently- to get to the finish line. With the final days of school comes tests, tests, and more tests. So, as I am studying for my final test before break, I’d like take a moment to share my struggles. I really, really, don’t mind that the Umayyad Caliphates made non-Muslims pay a tax to them, if they conquered their land. I also am not intrigued by the fact that Quran can also be spelled Koran. The list goes on and on, and you can read about it if you’d like- on my ten page review sheet! So, as I am face first in my textbook, I think about my spring break welcoming trip to the beach for a picnic. I come up with the idea to make cakes in a mason jar (totally unoriginal, see: #jarsbydani on instagram) and from then on I look to pinterest as my guide. Distractions can come from anywhere, and trust me, they come from everywhere. Not only do I have tests but, homework as well. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle it but, it is the worst feeling to know how close you are to freedom but, yet things still stand in your way. So, I wish to say a little prayer that I will succeed on this test but, I’m really more focused on cupcakes in a jar, to be brutally honest.