Mornings, as told by an early riser

I’d love to sleep in just as much as the next person, but it’s just not my thing. I am quick to jump out of bed Monday through Friday, promptly at 6:25 AM(on rare days, I will snooze my alarm until 6:33), and on the weekend my latest wake up is eight thirty. Ever since I was little, I’ve been an early riser. I do not know what it is about mornings and I, we just mesh well. There are many perks to this early-rising life I lead, yet it has its disadvantages. Waking up early creates tiny wins, and large losses. The sleepover scenario is where waking up early bites you in the back. All of your friends are sleeping, and you’re awake, without any possibility of falling back asleep. You get up, and stare at the clock for two to three hours, try to wake your friends, attempt to fall back asleep, all without success. Picture this, a crisp Sunday morning in a quiet house, nobody’s awake, meaning no interruption. Your best bet is to forget that the flip side of Sunday is Monday, abandon everything you have to do, and do something for yourself until everyone wakes up. Waking up early forces you to become accustom to the morning chirps of birds, the crack of dawn airplanes flying way up high, and nothing else. You are not bombarded with any other sounds, no cars, no people, it’s just you. The best/worst thing to happen next is to find someone else who shares your modest sleeping habits. You can have a partner in crime during the unbearably awkward early mornings of sleepovers, or someone to silently watch television with at 8:00 AM. No matter who, where, or when there will always be someone who will share your inability to sleep in.

So, as I write this from my office desk (code word for my bed), on this fine Sunday morning, I commend early risers everywhere for doing what they do best.