The Chronicles of Online Shopping

For me, online shopping is like a journey through the jungle. It is so much easier than going through the hell of rummaging through racks in an actual store, who does that anymore? That being said, I choose to shop the hard to bargain way, all in the comfort of my own home (By this, I totally mean sprawled out on the couch). While it is less stressful than being overwhelmed by crowds, and noise, it is still extremely tough to shop online. If you’re like me, always searching for the trendiest new sites, the items in your cart add up. Whether it’s well after winter, and you still want to buy sweaters, or if its winter and you still marvel at summer tanks, decisions must be made! The vast choices, colors, adorable tag lines and phrases meet the eye, and immediately flee to your shopping bag. Before you know it, you have a cart on each one of your favorite sites, all with a final total of thousands of dollars. Of course the hardest part has yet to come, the part where you have to pick and choose between all your clothes. The usual thoughts that run through my mind are how good my taste was back in December, and how I wish I could buy out every store in existence, all while I remove that cute sweater from my cart. Online shopping is addictive, convenient, brilliant, and evil.

So, how do you online shop?