Rock The Vote

The halls are flooded with posters, and flyers of all sorts. The flyers are encompassed with witty, as well as not so witty slogans. Yeah, you may have guessed that it’s election season at various high schools everywhere! Student government elections mean free food (bribery is prevalent), random rants by the candidates, and all in all, a popularity contest. Often times, the underdog wins, and often times, he/she doesn’t. In my opinion, it really depends on how much one’s speech guilt trips the voters into selecting you. I am all for a successful, and clean race, but if anyone thinks that high school elections aren’t rigged, a popularity contest, or a sob story, you are sorely mistaken. I am almost positive that I sound like a mad woman on a rampage, and that’s why I’m going to end this on a lighter note. Kids, please wait until you’re 18 to take an election seriously.


This message hasn’t been sponsored by any student government candidates.