Straight up, it’s summer

After months of falling asleep mid classes, practically drowning myself in my tears during attempts to study, and sacrificing my weekends to tests, it’s over. Finally, I have been awarded an overdue break. To me, this isn’t only a break from school, but a break from being the uptight, and conscientious person that I am throughout most of the year. I say most, because towards the end of the year it’s just too hard to focus. It’s almost like when you have a huge plate of [insert favorite food here], and it’s so close, but there is a clear plexiglass wall blocking the food from you, and you run smack into the wall; failing miserably in terms of achieving your goal of getting the food. This analogy is semi applicable, and semi dumb. It’s summer, so that gives me an excuse to make stupid jokes, right? Anyway, getting back to the point I was kind of trying to make, I feel so much lighter now that school is over. Not necessarily physically, but mentally undoubtedly. I feel this way, because a huge weight has been magically lifted off my shoulders. It’s as if I’ve been freed from captivity, and lead into the real world. I now have a chance to set my worries, doubts, and fears on to my school desk, and let them go for good. By for good I mean until next year. Whatever happens to me throughout the rest of my life I know I’ll remember times like these. Perhaps, I’ll remember times like these (aka this blog post), to reiterate to myself that I’m not a funny human being, and I need to stop joking around. Let’s be real here, I will never stop.