Spin to Win

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a potential name for a game show I intend on creating. This is instead, a brutally honest documentation of my inaugural spin class. It all began with me clad in my lululemon headband, and ended with it soaked on the top of my head. I felt my heart pound in sync with the beat of each song. Me, being an annoying rookie, decided to check the time on my phone incessantly, because I could hardly breathe. Let me reiterate that I exercise regularly, and am no stranger to hard core workouts. I spun and spun to please the instructor, but I longed to fall off my bike and lie in the middle of the room. The room was pitch black, and how lucky that was for me, because a few tears probably streamed out of my eyes. However, I emerged from the class feeling like a professional, in other words, nauseous as can be. Who cares I can still turn this into a game show, right?