Letters From Summer Camp

There’s something about snail mail that generates a little bit of warmth in my heart. To be more specific, there’s something about receiving letters from a best friend at sleep away camp that creates a well deserved smile, that will remain plastered on my face for a while. I can’t tell you scientifically or be entirely factual about why it is a great feeling to get a letter, but I can give you my opinion. First off, who writes letters anymore? The authenticity of obtaining a letter in the actual mail is uncontrollable. It’s so original to write letters in this day in age. Other than that factor, hearing about someone else’s day or their predicaments after they’ve occurred, and aren’t sent to you the minute it happens. All in all, this short blurb of a post is dedicated to emphasize this great mood of mine, only due to the fact that a great friend and I corresponded through snail mail.