In The Name of Mindy

With summer vacation, comes new opportunities, and I decided to seize the day, and watch The Mindy Project. Boy am I a happier gal now that I have hopped on the Mindy Kaling bandwagon! The reason this show is so great is, because it is so non commitment based. For starters, each episode is a mere twenty one minutes of pure joy. Secondly, most episodes introduce new scenarios, and only sometimes are follow up stories featured making it easy to catch up anytime. I can honestly say that I do not only feel funnier, because I watch the show, but I laugh more than I have while watching any other show. Mindy is nonchalantly funny, exciting, and ridiculous all in one pop. By reading her book prior to watching her show, I realized how successful and brilliant she really is. From a hardly shy The Office employee to a loud mouthed spinster slash doctor, Dr. Mindy Lahiri/ Kelly Kapoor rocks television screens everywhere. You keep on doing what you do, also not like this matters, but you have earned the number one spot on people I aspire to meet/ be.