The Art of Not Texting Back

I know, we’re all guilty, and I’m a hypocrite, but there are ways to be subtle, and ways to be smart. Responding to text messages has always been a strength of mine, and depending on how you look at it that can be both a pro, and a con. It is a great help to be a quick responder in the instance that one is partaking in a group project, and is being summoned over text. Responding quickly creates ease, and reassurance that one is willing to do their share of the work. However, not all people believe in texting etiquette, in fact many don’t. The cold, and hard truth is that many people just don’t give a damn. When someone texts me “hi” with an excessive amount of i’s, or hey with an astronomical number of y’s, I know that it is crucial I respond. The meaning of those extra letters exemplify your extra qualities, and “oomphs”. Some people, though, do not care, and choose to ignore their impending text messages. I understand if you’re out with your mom, and left your phone at home. I get it if you’re at work. I fail to understand how someone that is evidently very busy liking pictures on Instagram, is too “above” responding to text messages. It’s just plain rude, and undiplomatic. That being stated, sometimes it is important not to respond, because you must maintain a certain sense of pride, and decorum or whatever.

These instances are:

1) Someone has clearly ignored you, and they finally respond- a week later!

2) You are desperately in need of a moment of rest from a random kid that somehow got your number.

3) This person clearly doesn’t know how to initiate or partake in conversation, so it’s just best to give up.

Anyhow, there are ways to do things the right way, and the wrong way. I trust that with this small token of my rudeness/gracefulness you all can take a hint, or not take a hint. There are occurrences where it is vital to remain tight lipped, or in this case numb fingered.