Genie in a Bottle

This worldwide phenomenon has swept the world with its wondrous flavors that make one cringe, yet beg for more. The only thing I could possibly be talking about is juicing, or just juice in general. I’m not referring to the low end of the totem pole juice such as: orange, apple, prune (to each their own), rather the intense mixtures of greens, and fruit. Juices awake in the midst of all the evils in the world, and emerge as an easy way to not only feel- for lack of a better word- cleansed, but alive. Rich, vibrant, and colorful fruits as well as veggies make their way into people’s blood streams daily. There are so many brands out there promoting healthy juice, and my only recommendation is to try all of them until you find “the one” that makes you transform from an ice cream enthusiast into a juicing spinster slash yogi master. All jokes aside, feeling healthy is a feeling that people feed off of. In other words, it’s a chain reaction.

Pass on the love, and pass over the juice!