A Talent, What’s That?

I’m the best at…

I know how totally twenty first century slash first world problem this may sound, but one of my biggest strengths is creating instagram captions. Yes, it’s true. There are prodigies out there: people finding the cure for cancer, melodious musicians, and wonderful car mechanics, but I am a wizard at coming up with captions. If you have everscrolled through the notes on my phone, you would know that ninety five percent of my notes are of captions. “Capspiration” comes from anywhere, and everywhere. Here’s a quick glimpse into my notes: future captions that I have stumbled upon through racking my brain about the beach while I’m sitting in a snowstorm, clever puns for my class trip in April, a cute tagline for my best friend’s #TBT photo (P.S. It’s Monday), and plenty more. I discovered my aptitude for caption­ing about a year and a half ago, and nothing has stopped me since. If you have a picture, and you’re captionless­ I’m your gal! I began my journey as the caption queen (a self dubbed title, of course) and used my talents solely for my own purposes. Soon, the comments began rolling in about how clever my captions were, and then I kind of just took off. Suddenly, I wasn’t just making up captions for my closest friends, and myself, I was getting text messages with randompictures with requests for captions. I don’t know how Instagram works in your social circles, but in the teen girl world it’s fairly intense. I am a firm believer in the fact that there are rules to Instagram, and creating stupendous captions to accompany your photos are a must. I know how shameful it is that this is what I consider one of my best attributes, but when you’ve got it, flaunt it! It’s honestly become a hobby, and I am unsure whether I should be scared or proud of myself for transforming into a caption queen. I don’t purposely try to try hard on Instagram, it just happens. When I randomly come up with a caption for someone it really makes me feel like I’m killing em’ with kindness, except in this case I’m murdering them with wit. I feel needed when I get caption requests, and I like that others have pegged me as the “caption girl”. All in all, my brain gets tired sometimes, but I think it’s all worth it for the sake of a good Insta. Get back to me in fifteen years when you ask your child their hopes, and dreams. I’ll betmy bottom dollar that they’ll say that they want to be caption creators. Okay, maybe not,have them cure cancer instead.Sorry I don’t apologize for being up front, and honest about my so called “meaningless” talent, because I think it’s pretty damn great. If you’d like to see my self proclaimed golden captions, hop on over to Instagram, and stalk me! @alexis_sugar

Ceep Calm and Caption On

(Trying to pull a Kardashian move, just using a C to avoid being cliche)