The Gluten That Got Away

Ever since my glory days as a child, I’ve had a great bond with food. For starters, there is really nothing about nourishment that isn’t worth an enormous amount of love. Food comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms (see: juice cleanses). That being said, when I found out it would be beneficial to my health to cut gluten out of my diet, the inner fat kid inside of me died. It has been a while since I’ve actually been that chubby child, you know the one with the cheeks that resemble balloons that are blown up on the sidewalk? I was the child so tempted by the sweets loaded with sugar that sat on a table, or a friends freshly baked cookie laying on their lunch tray, but never realized how awfully amazing the habit of craving sugar is. Despite the fact that the “cheeky champ” version of myself was long gone, the fears of my old self set in, and created immense doubts about this attempt at a health nut’s nirvana. Initially, I started to believe that I could basically only eat grass- which I have lived to discover isn’t true at all!

I have undoubtedly become the girl that annoys every waitress, no matter how hard I try not to, gets the occasional sneer from a friend or two, and pisses off many due to a frivolous/ frito-less concern. Despite all of the hate I receive about this semi-new lifestyle which I lead, I actually feel really good. Ridding myself of gluten began as a stressful task, but has evolved into a simple run-of-the-mill habit. Gluten isn’t really good for anyone, as it’s only purpose causes one to, for lack of a better explanation, “puff up”.

Being gluten free can still lead to typical, late night sinful desserts, and meals. Just because one decides to let go does not by any means imply that all food is quote on quote healthy. Food is food, and health is health. Too much of anything gluten free can be just as horridof a situation as an excess of regular food. Anyhow, this is a task that one must be totally committed to if they forgo to begin their gluten free journey, and swear to oneself that the matter is real, and that it is crucial to stick to it. So yes while you may become the designated recipient of a waiter’s eye roll, or receive a laugh from your best friend, you still prove something to yourself daily. Another plus side to gluten free-ship is the fact that each day you tell the inner fat kid that lives inside the back of your brain, hides in your closet, or stares at you on the wall at grandma’s house that you have willpower, are strong, amazing, beautiful, and try the hardest you can to follow the world’s biggest trends! Next stop on the bandwagon: let’s all become vegans like Beyonce!