Pitiful Passion?

          Anytime I am faced with a task or blessed with an idea, I tend to run away with it. In that moment, and for the following moments I treat the task at hand as if it is the only thing that matters. Between the time I conceive an idea to approximately five minutes later- I have already mapped out an entire, and descriptive five year plan for my unborn fetus (otherwise known as my idea). I have played out endless scenarios for the future of said idea or task. I have come to realize that this is a pure product of how am I wired. I have come to understand that all of the membrane inside my head, and every bone, blood vessel, artery, vein, and whatever else lives within me is invested. This, my friends, is how I define passion. Maybe it makes me crazy, and maybe it dubs me a genius, whatever the case- I can say confidently that I am one to follow through. I have come to this conclusion, because a few nights ago I laid in bed, and tried helplessly to fall asleep, but I could not abandon my overflowing head that was practically busting at the seams! This was due to it’s revved up state. No, I do not categorize this as something that everybody does, but it’s what I do. I am committed. I am invested. I am passionate. That sounds like it belongs on the back of a peace love world sweatshirt, probably because it already exists.