My toes are in the sand, and the warm sun beats on my face as I sit in the calmness and tranquility left with nothing but my thoughts. Exercise is almost a beach getaway for me, except during this particular workout- the sun doesn’t shine. However, I still find myself, time and time again coming back to Flywheel. Flywheel is a spin studio that has opened its doors nationally, and internationally as well. As I type each letter into this post I recall the various 30 second pushes (or sprints) that I was subjected to this morning. My favorite part about flywheel is the fact that it is a competition! There are 10 spots on the “Torqboard” and it is optional to participate and put your name up, but I usually put mine up. Do not get me wrong while I love the competitive aspect of flywheel, I also find it somewhat therapeutic. I continuously find myself in a seat in the middle of the back row, and once seated, I completely zone out. As soon as the lights are turned town and the high energy music is blasting- all of my thoughts, and worries fly away. My only focus once in the class is to be the very best that I can be on that given day. I try my best not to compare myself to others though in all honesty I do    -occasionally- catch myself peering at my sister’s numbers on the next bike over. My feet pedal until my legs give out, beads of sweat are apparent on my red face, yet the darkness and music give me energy simultaneously and I don’t wish for a beach anymore, because I have already found my own personal getaway.