Thanksgiving Vibes



It’s about 9 o’ clock at night, a multitude of lattices are being laid on pies, the scent of stuffing fills the air, and yawns are pouring out of everyone’s mouths. It is the best time of the year. A time when worries seem null and void, and a whiff of pumpkin pie can erase all negativity. It is a time of pure, unadulterated joy for no apparent reason whatsoever. I really don’t know how to explain why I love Thanksgiving so much without being excessively corny, so here it goes. Thanksgiving is sitting on the couch wrapped in a fuzzy blanket watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Thanksgiving is not eating all day in preparation for the food coma that will ensue following dinner. Thanksgiving is starting dinner at 4PM. Thanksgiving is laughter and witty banter. Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving is crying at the holiday themed Publix commercials. Thanksgiving is not corny, but I am!

Happy Turkey Day!
Be thank(full)