Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

here_today_gone_tomorrow.jpgLife is weird. The past is confusing. The differences throughout daily life are almost laughable. It is insane how much can change in what seems like the mere blink of an eye. People who once were fixtures in my life now play no role whatsoever. Maybe this is a good thing? It is hard to categorize these changes as either good or bad, because I am unable to see everything come full circle just when I would like to. Sometimes, when I think about these changes, I wonder if anyone involved in these past memories ever thinks about them too. I often try to manipulate past experiences in my head, slightly changing details in order to create an alternate outcome. This includes coming up with a perfect response just after a mediocre one was said. The past is quite literally a time capsule. Memories are stored away, experiences are one for the books, and nobody knows if the changes and differences that have occurred throughout this time are good or bad.

Until everything comes full circle.