Welcome (back) to the 90’s

2016 has pretty much been one huge blast from the past- from a fashion standpoint. Clothes that used to be donned way back when have made their way everywhere from the runway onto your favorite celebrities. Despite the fact that it seems like every single trend from the 90’s has made its way back, there are a few key pieces and trends that have been resurrected. First off, chokers are back! Chokers of all different colors and materials are worn by many celebrities. Many people have found favor in the thin type of choker, as worn by Selena Gomez above. Another huge trend- layers, layers, and even more layers! Sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner show off their silk dresses and plain white tees which epitomize a classic 90’s look. Another piece that is pretty timeless is the classic light wash straight jean as seen on Candice Swanepoel. She paired the classic jeans with a fuzzy pink crop top that creates a very effortless and cozy vibe. Trends may come and go, but it seems like the 90’s are here to stay.